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Dolphin Reef slot game tips to win RM6000 in XE88

M3win member won RM6000 at Xe88 casino slot game: Dolphin Reef on 27 March 2020.


How many pay lines?

A: Heart Of The Frontier game has 9 pay lines(left to right only)

How many symbols are there?

A: Shark(Wild), Treasure (Scatter), Nemo, Hippocampus, Fish Gold Coin, Octopus and Sea Turtle.

How to win the Bonus Game?

A: Just get 3 treasures and you will enter the free game. 3 Treasure get x1 Bonus Game, Get up to 5 treasures.

How about the Game?

A: DolphinReef is a most famous in Online Slot, because this game player can bet small, get super big win.

What's the way to win the jackpot in slot DolphinReef?

Answer: The jackpot randomly drop by itself.

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