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Seaworld slot game tips to win RM2500 in 918kiss

M3win member won RM2500 at 918kiss slot game: SeaWorld on 3 July 2022.


How many pay lines?

A: SeaWorld has 25 pay-lines (Left to Right only)

What is the Wild symbol?

A: Gold Coin(Wild) ,7 ,BAR ,9 ,10 ,J ,Q ,K and Free Spin

Are there any free games?

A: Yes, if Free Spin Symbol appears 3,4,5 scatter get 7,10,15 free games Are there any bonus game? A: Yes, 3 types of bonus games Golden Gates Bonus, Golden Box Bonus, Pearl Fishing Bonus

Is there any special jackpot for this game?

A: Yes, SeaWorld has jackpot too, which is Random Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Minor Jackpot



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