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Fairy Garden slot game tips to win RM5000 in Pussy888

M3win member won RM5000 at Pussy888 slot game: FairyGarden on 22 May 2021.


How many pay lines?

A: Fairy Garden has 25 pay-lines (Left to Right only)

What is the Wild symbol?

A: Fairies creature stands for the Wild symbol which can count as any symbol excepting the Free Spin symbol. If Wild Symbol appears on all reels can win 1000x times of total bet.

Are there any free games?

A: If Free Spin Symbol appears 3 or more will trigger min 7 free games.

Is there any other special game?

A: Yes, there is a Fairy's Wheel game and it can win up to 5000x times of total bet.

Is there any special jackpot for this game?

A: Yes, Fairy Garden has 3 jackpot, which is Random Jackpot, Major Jackpot, and Minor Jackpot.



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